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The public library was founded in 1953. It is housed in a traditional lefkadite mansion with a garden - the Zoulinos house - on the west side of the old city.
It possesses a large number of books and printed matter, while housing the richest collection of post Byzantine icons of Eptanese technique, by painters of holy icons like Thoxaras, Patsaras, Roussos and more.
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The “Haramoglios” Special Lefkadite Library includes tens of thousands of books and printed matter, newspaper articles, magazines even post cards with Lefkada. Founder of the library was Aristotelis Haramoglis, who begun his efforts in 1974 and managed to collect, from Greece and the rest of the world, everything published on Lefkada from locals or foreigners and everything written by Lefkadites on several issues. Today it possesses rare editions dated back to 1420. The collection is in the Guiness book of records.
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The Nikos Svoronos Library is a donation of the great historian Nikos Svoronos to his birth place and includes books, manuscripts and personal souvenirs of the internationally known Lefkadite.
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It is the Districts Service of the States General files. It was founded in 1684 by the Venetians.

It includes:
Records of the Venetian Period (1718-1797), Record of the period 1797-1817 (Democratic French, Russian-Turks, the Eptanese State, Imperial French, English Occupation). The United State of the Ionian Islands (1817-1864). The Greek State from 1864 up to now. Notarian Record from 1692 to 1864. Recording Office File from 1718 to 1931. Collection of local newspapers from 1867 till now. Manuscript maps from the Venetian and English period, building plans and contemporary Administrative, Judicial and Municipal records.
The record center is housed in the old town hall and it operates as a reading facility daily from 9.00 to 13.00. 

Phone & Fax: 2645023815


The Sfakiotes Public Library “THE HOLLY FATHERS” is housed in a specially modified building in the village of Spanochori. It possesses 3.500 books and operates as a lending library and as a reading facility.
Phone 2645061611