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Chordi in the oven (offals of lamp and sweetbreads)


  • 2 amp’s bowels and sweetbreads
  • ½ cup of oil
  • salt, pepper
  • oregano, lemon


Wash the bowels well. With the wooden stick like a pencil, turn the bowels, to wash them from its inside.
Make a bunch of 5-6 bowels, 1 meter long and put the sweetbreads between.
With some help, twine a string of 2 more bowels around them.
Put the bowels in the baking pan with salt, pepper, oregano and oil.
You prick with a fork on the top, and serve. Add lemon in the plate.  

Bibliography: “Cuisine of Lefkada - Xorexa tis nonas, ta mageria tis vavas” (the recipes of godmother and grandmother) of Toulas Skliros.