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Savoro (sour) fish


Scrape the fishes, wash and salt them in a strainer.

Fry and put them in a ceramic pyrex. Then, in the frying pan, after throwing away the oil and wash it well, pour some drops of water, the garlic, which is cut in very thin slices and the leaves of rosemary. Leave it until it boils and the garlic softens.

Mix the rest of the ingredients; stir for a while and leave them to boil for some more time.
Pour the sauce to the fishes to cover them.

You can serve it as soon it is cold.

In this way of cooking, the fishes will be preserved for a long time. It is a tasty traditional recipe, still cooked at the fish villages and in town of Lefkada.

Bibliography: “Cuisine of Lefkada - Xorexa tis nonas, ta mageria tis vavas” (the recipes of godmother and grandmother) of Toulas Skliros.