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Koulouri tis Nifis (The roll of the bride)


  • 1 kgr Flour
  • 1 glass of oil
  • 1 glass of sugar
  • 1 glass of wine, ouzo
  • 1 ¼ glasses of water 
  • 2 bags of barm or yeast
  • some salt, cinnamon and clove
  • fennel crushed
  • vanilla, sesame 

Recipe from Meganissi

Put the flour with some oil to a basin. Μix the ingredients with some melted barm in lukewarm water. Knead and mix well.
Keep ¼ of the yeast and with the rest of the mould make a big roll, put it to a No28 baking pan and in the middle put a metallic pot to keep the hole of the roll open.
With the ¼ of the yeast make some twists and flowers to decorate the roll. On the top put some white almonds.
Koulouri tis nifis (the roll of the bride) is made from the mother of the bride and sent with the rest of the dowry to the groom’s house.
They cut it when they make the bride’s bed, on a Monday day, serving it to the guests.
(Marriages are performed always on a Sunday day)

If you wish to keep this custom, you will have to offer and some sweets in the wedding dinner)

Bibliography: “Cuisine of Lefkada - Xorexa tis nonas, ta mageria tis vavas” (the recipes of godmother and grandmother) of Toulas Skliros.