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Manicipality of Apollonia

The springs of cherry 
trees in Sivros
Alikes of Alexandros

The area covers a great part of the island.
It embodies the entire huge south valley, a large and very fertile plain, the high mountains under the Central Lefkada, the peaceful southeast coast of Lefkada, the peninsula and the Cape of Lefkata with the white wild rocks, ending to the steep west coasts which are forming the island’s paradise beaches.
The area has springs, rich vegetation, canyons, caves and many villages. 

The most interesting sights are in Syvros, the Springs of Cherry trees, the beautiful forest of Dafnis, the Cave of Karoucha and the pig cave near the village of Evgiros.
The small natural lake of Marantochori is an important wildlife sanctuary for many kinds of flora and fauna. 

The peninsula of Lefkata

The peninsula and the Cape of Lefkata, where the steep and most fascinating west coasts of the island start… The scenery is mountainous and wild, reaching down to the end of the sea where the wild rocks are fighting with its rough waves.
Its beauty is wild and magical.