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Manicipality of Ellomenos

In Ellomenos, the morphology of the land varies, combining the largest fertile field of the island, Egklimeni, with mountainous masses of Platistomo, Vafkeri, Neochori, Alatro, Fterno and the tourist coasts which become resorts for thousands of summer visitors.

The Canyon of Charadiatika. The area of Charadiatika is divine and unique for its beautiful canyon. Beautiful and impervious to human interference, ideal for long walks in the nature. In the canyon, many windmills are preserved, remainings of the area’s farm life, witnesses of wild waters existence used for grinding of the inhabitant’s harvest.

The canyon of Dimosari
The Canyon of Dimosari: We meet a scenic shady trail which climbs the side hill of the Canyon Dimosari.
The trail is cut and safe, perfect for the summer months.
At the end of the trail there is a chain of rocks where the wild waters are forming a waterfall. The water is concentrated in a natural basin. The summer is maybe, not enough but yet, you can take an enjoying long walk in the green cool scenery.
Dimosari is considered one of the most important wild life sanctuaries.

The wider area of Vlychos bay, the peninsula of Ag.Kiriaki, Prigiponisia (Madouri, Skorpios, Skorpidi, Sparti, Cheloni) and a little far away Poros, are composing some of the most magical places of the island.