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Manicipality of Karya

To the field of Karya, a big span near Pigadisanous, you can meet all kinds of cultivation.

The land is extremely fertile for grain, cereals, gardens and vineyards.

Another magical natural beauty is the waterfall of Akoni.

The waterfall is also presenting an ecological interest. This nature was highly commended in the work of both great poets of Lefkada, Aristotelis Valaoritis and Aggelos Sikelianos.

Over Karya, you can meet Englouvi. While the altitude grows, the vegetation thins out and the environment becomes wilder and rougher. On every hill side, small walls, lithies, are keeping the dirt from tumbling down to create steps or levels for the viniculture.

To the tableland of Englouvis, the visitor can admire the voltous, stone domed buildings, which were used as farm houses for the summer time.